Saturday, December 5, 2009

Merry Christmas to me!

Its a beautiful Sat and I went to Mid Valley with my sister, just to indulge in the festive season of this month. We happened to find out that there's a cupcake decoration contest with a purchase at Metrojaya. Yes, a purchase took place and I got my name on the contestant list. Each person had to decorate 5 cupcakes in an hour and I thought 'Errrr...ok'. When I saw the prizes, I told myself that I just have to do and give my best. First prize includes a 8-lessons International Certification of Patisserie At Taylor's. It also comes with a 2D/1N stay at Corus Paradise Resort at P.D plus a $100 voucher for you to shop at Metrojaya. I did win the first prize and went home, that felt great! I love my Christmas gift. At last but not least, credits go to my sister who helped to take the pic throughout the contest. She obviously liked her gift given on same day *GRIN*