Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chinese New Year Cupcakes - 2010

2010 is a special year! Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day happen to fall on the same day and its going to be a double whammy for many who celebrate both occasions. I decided to make a set of cupcakes with Chinese New Year decor for this festivity. It comes in set of 4(3.25oz cupcake to represent double happiness) and 8(3.25oz cupcake to represent prosperities) if you are interested. Place your order a week before Feb 14th so that you get to bring home a set of this lovely cupcakes for your love ones.


Sophie said...

Such beautiful treats. The colors on these cupcakes are so vibrant, perfect for Chinese New Year :).

Bake Bliss said...

Sophie, I am glad you like them:)