Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chocolate Fair

Attended a chocolate fair at MV last Friday. The event showcase some local & imported chocolates in different flavors. I thought there was probably some demo but there wasn't any when I was there in afternoon. The demo only started in the evening but too bad I couldn't stay longer for that session. Bought some dark chocolate that day continue with my shopping after that. As I was busy checking out the chocolates and sampling them, I saw a familiar face...Yes, Deana Yusof was there giving out some chocolate samples. Such a friendly and nice lady, I thoguht.
Was so tired after walking for about 6 feet were screaming...saw this two cute little 'friends'...


Nurainie said...

Chocolates look yummy...but then you also can make, right?

Bake Bliss said...

Hi Nurianie,

Yes, I'm glad I know how to make it now and will be making some pretty soon:)