Friday, August 13, 2010

Smurf Cupcakes

We love smurf when when were young and all the kids wish that they could be part of the smurf community and protect them against Gargamel & his evil cat. You don't get to see the cartoon anymore as there are so many new cartoon characters on TV shows these days. I was surprised when a customer requested this theme and its one of the themes that I have not tried. It surely brought back some fond memories while I was making the figurines and I came up with Vanity, Smufette & Jokey.
The weather was playing tricks with me here and the cupcake white base go against the humidity so it turned out to be uneven. Not much time to rectify this problem and my apologies go to my understanding & friendly customer! Happy Birthday, Panga!


joberaq said...

i love smurfs too! sad to say i forgot some of their names.. nice work! keep it coming... i know you can make "care bears" characters too... ♥ goodluck and more power to you!! ♥

Bake Bliss said...

Thanks. Hopefully I get to try making 'care bears' and show you one day:)

Susan: My Food Obsession said...

OMG! These are amazing! I have been wanting to make smurf cupcakes :)